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We believe care at home is vital for a healthy mind.

Our Domiciliary Care Services

Witlens delivers care throughout the East and West Midlands in the comfort of your home because we strongly believe that maintaining your independence is vital for a healthy mind.

We also offer supported living accommodation for clients with various needs ranging from social, mental health, Autism and learning difficulties. Our staff are trained to manage complex care needs and to communicate with clients with non-verbal communication needs. Our staff are also BILD non-restrictive care trained to manage challenging behaviours or promote positive behaviour.

We help our clients to:

Build, rebuild or maintain relationships with friends and family.

Access community services such as attending appointments, college, volunteering or employment.

Achieve skills such as keeping diaries, managing bills, budgeting, eating healthy, cooking and household skills to encourage independence.
Our accommodation is individually adapted to meet our clients’ physical, sensory and social needs. We also invest in assistive technology to allow our clients more independence.

Our Domiciliary Care Packages

Witlens delivers care throughout the East and West Midlands in the comfort of your home because we strongly believe that maintaining your independence is vital for a healthy mind.

Our Domiciliary care service will provide a Carer at the agreed intervals as per care plan, so you can continue to stay in the comfort of your own home, getting support when you need it.

Your carer will come to assist you with those duties such as personal care, cooking, medications, and housework you might be finding difficult to perform.

Our price packages are purely designed to be cost-effective in comparison to living in a Care home or Residential accommodation.

Witlens has a large pool of Carers and we will match you with the right Carer who will deliver a tailored plan for all of your needs and requirements, ensuring home life is easier, safer, and comfortable.

Intermittent Service

A Carer comes at appointed times depending on your care needs. The duration of each visit lasts a minimum of 30 minutes to whatever time is agreed in your care plan. The number of visits per day is dependent on your care package., for example:

Morning visit: Assisting you in getting out of bed and serving breakfast.

Midday visit: Preparing your dinner and light housework or as needed.

Evening visit: Preparing your supper and getting you into bed.

Live-In Care

Our Live-in Care Workers live with you in your own home as your companion.

They assist with everyday tasks like cooking, cleaning, and personal care. With this help, you and your loved ones can continue to live how you choose and keep doing the things you love.

Companionship and Befriending Services

Witlens will match you with a Carer who has the same interest as you or your loved one.

Our Carer will keep you company and also support you if you want to go on social occasions or holiday.

We have built a Team of Carers who ensure that our services are reliable, flexible, and will personalise our service to you and your loved one’s interest as a top priority. We believe that this is the way to nurture true friendship and high quality care.

End of Life Care

We have well-trained Carers and nurses who can step in to ensure that you or your loved final moments are painless, making every effort to provide comfort from every angle, and as well supporting family members at such times.

Complex Care Support

Our package supports you or your loved one with a wide range of physical, learning and neurological needs.

We will design a care plan with you and family members a care plan that delivers a very personalised service to cater to your conditions.

Night Support Service

Our dedicated night support care option is for those who primarily need care during the night, rather than during the day. This includes;.

Night Sitting: The carer is on call at all times during the night and is awake, alert, and making certain the client is sleeping, resting or at least safe, sound and secure.

Night Sleeper: The carer is on hand in the client’s home, for them to call as they need so to ensure you have a piece of mind that there is someone on hand if required.

Respite & Holiday Care Service

Our Domiciliary care service also provides a Carer in such times when a family carer needs a break.

We have a dedicated team of Carers who are trained to step in to support you or your loved one for flexible time periods.
At Witlens we have carers available to offer short term support while the family carer needs a break or on holiday.

Social Support & Social Inclusion

Our Domiciliary services are designed that you continue to enjoy your social life and keep up with the community.

You or your loved one will be supported to engage in social occasions that interest you.

Hospital to Home Support

We have trained Carers to provide Reablement support after you have had an operation or prolonged stay in a hospital.

This is done to reduce the risk of repeat injury and readmission.

The package includes supervision of discharge arrangements and assistance to move you or your loved one safely back to your home. and ensures the care you need whilst recovering.

Domiciliary Care Packages

How your Carer Supports you

  • Assistance with dressing/undressing – getting up in the morning and preparing for bed at night
  • Assistance with bathing, showering, and washing
  • Assistance with skincare, washing hair, and cleaning teeth
  • Manicuring and foot care (but not cutting toenails)
  • Assistance with bed bathing
  • Assistance with toileting and use of incontinence aids
  • Assistance with medication and health-related duties (following the written Care Plan)
  • Night sleepover or sitting service and day sitting services
  • Assisting with the feeding

If you need urgent care, call us any time, 24 hours a day.

Our knowledgable and caring team will ensure you receive the best possible care.

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We believe care at home is vital for a healthy mind.

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